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People of the American Theater Company

The Ensemble of American Theater Company is a talented and acclaimed group of actors, designers, stage managers, writers, and directors who are committed to the ATC mission and call its stage their home. Their work has also been seen on every major stage in Chicago, on Broadway, and in movies and on television.

Our staff has grown considerably over the last three years and now includes a full-time development coordinator, an outreach coordinator, and a production manager. Our staff is made up of talented arts administrators who have worked in New York, trained at other organizations in Chicago, or have been involved in the founding of other successful theater companies.

Board of Directors
The ATC Board of Directors is a group of business professionals who embrace ATC's mission and actively support its goals and activities. They act as ambassadors for ATC within cultural, social, and corporate communities. They provide advice, assistance, and service in areas of personal and professional expertise and are a source of counsel and support to ATC's staff. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact Development Director Mercedes Rohlfs at (773) 929-5009 or submit an inquiry online.

Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is a distinguished group of professionals who work with the company on larger projects and act as consultants to the staff and board.

The ATC Associates are a group of individuals interested in supporting American Theater Company. The focus of the ATC Associates is to promote ATC productions and support the company by participating in and planning special events, including special performances at the theater, events at restaurants and bars, and our annual kickball tournament. If you are interested in joining the ATC Associates, please contact Development Director Mercedes Rohlfs at (773) 929-5009 or submit an inquiry online.